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Summer Fun Pass

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Have fun with us this summer with our Summer Fun Pass!

Here's what we're up to:

  • Monthly Deep Dives – this summer we'll be going over every single case the Supreme Court decided during the 2020-2021 term. We'll cover a summary of the case, what the decision was, and what it means for the United States. Don't want to wade through hundreds of pages of court opinions, but want to be informed? We got you. If you can't make it live, you will receive the recordings of the workshops.
  • Twelve short videos you can watch anytime on special topics. Don't want to commit to a full class of learning, but are you still curious about government and current events topics? You'll get access to twelve exclusive videos that run about 15 minutes, and that you can press play on any time.
  • Private Instagram account where you can interact with Sharon and other Governerds. Regular posts where you can meet other people in the comments without all the trolls of the worldwide web watching.
  • An exclusive book club. We'll be hosting discussions, a live, and a special event about American Sherlock, with author Kate Winkler Dawson.
  • Your choice of a mug or a T-shirt exclusively for Summer Fun Pass members. T-shirt sizing will be inclusive -- all body types are welcome!
  • Weekly prize drawings -- win gift certificates, products, money, a live call with Sharon, and more.
  • Weekly recap emails in case you missed stories on the private Instagram account.

But for real: you should join us!